European Ranking Rules
European Ranking is based on all the European races results.
Only official National and International races are valid for the ranking.
Races must be in the calendar.
Each Country can define as valid for the ranking:
– A maximum of 7 national races
– the National Championships
European and World Championships will be valid for all the Countries.

Points are assigned based on Category Results
– In case of single start for each category: ranking points are based on fleet results
– In case of fleet with multiple categories: race results and ranking points are based on race result excluding competitors of other categories.

Weight categories
Are determined using the “floating system”.
– National races: L (light), P (heavy) and F (women)
– National and international championships: A (light), B (medium light), C (medium heavy), D (heavy) and F (women)
The floating system is calculated to have men categories of equal number. If male competitors are not divisible by the number of categories envisaged, a draw is made to determine the category (or categories) that will have athlete/s in eccess. Women are not included in the calculation and are added to L or Yellow Fleet (Cat. A / B). Any late registration, received after the conclusion of at least one race, will not change the floating system.

Ranking Scoring Tables
Final result in an event, will assign the following points (regardless the number of entries):

Category Result National Races National, Continental or World  Championships
20 30
17 25,5
14,3 21,45
12 18
10 15
8,3 12,45
7 10,5
6 9
5 7,5
10° 4 6
11° 3 4,5
12° 2 3
13° + 1 1,5

Ranking Score: 
There will be two separate ranking for men and women.
Ranking Score for a sailor will be the sum of his/her (max) best 4 scores.
In case of a tie (same total score) the parity will be solved considering the following criteria (in order):
– average points in the max 4 races considered (e.g. same score achieved with less races will prevail).
– first best discard and, in case of further tie, following second and third best discards.
If a parity still exist, the younger sailor will prevail.
Junior ranking will be extrapolated from the male and female ranking

National Ranking Rules
National Rankings for each Country are based on ranking races held in the Country, plus European and Worlds results.
A National Ranking will include:
– All sailors attending at least 1 race in the Country (no matter the nationality).
– Sailors of the nation participating in European or World Championships
Races valid for the ranking are the same defined for the European Ranking:
– A maximum of 7 national races
– the National Championships
– European and World Championships

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