Membership help to sustain the national and european IWCA activities and to compete in National and International races.

Members can choose a Personal Sail Number among the ones not already assigned in this list.

Where a National Class Association is present, members info and 80% of the fees are shared with originating Countries to sustain local activities. IWCA is actively working to promote the constitution of national associations. If you want to start a National Class Association in your European country, get in touch with us at

Membership duration is 12 rolling months from the subscription date.

It is possible to renew your membership even if it is not expired yet. Renewing before the expiration date will simply extend your expiration date of 12 months, no matter the date of payment.

Physical sail numbers are not included in the membership fees, but can be bought from the shop or from other suppliers.

If not renewed within 2 months from the expiration, your PSN may be canceled and reassigned. During the subscription it is possible to request an automatic yearly renewal.

Personal Sail Numbers (PSN) can have up to 4 digits. Same PSN can’t be assigned for more than one country.