For 2018 season, promotional price for a complete board in racing configuration is 1.895€ including VAT.
Price is including delivery to your door in main European cities and 22% VAT.
Other configurations and options are described below.

The new WINDSURFER LT. board is made with a styrofoam type core with epoxy deck. It has same length of the original One Design (366cm), an increased width (from 66 to 74cm) and a significantly lower weight (reduced from approx 21kg to 15kg). It is a multipurpose board, being designed to be used for class racing, but also for school (with a smaller daggerboard) and SUP. Both racing and school daggerboards are fully retractable and the deck has a soft pad, to increase comfort in every conditions. Rig is made by a two pieces 460 SDM carbon mast, a 180-240 boom, a mast base and joint, a racing 5,7 sqm mylar sail or a school/training 4.0 sqm dacron sail.

Offers reserved to IWCA Members:

2018 Official List Price € incl. 22% VAT
Boards + Rig (including shipment)  
Windsurfer Lt Board + Rig (Race) 1.895
Windsurfer Lt Board + Rig (Race + School) 2.095
Boards Only (including shipment)  
Windsurfer Lt Board (Race) 1.250
Windsurfer Lt Board (Race + School) 1.339
WS Boom 180-240 w/ uphaul 170
WS 460 SDM Mast (40% Carbon) 160
WS Base + Joint 55
WS 5.7 Sail 300
WS School Sail 170
School Pack (School sail + daggerboard + deck cover) 239
Board Bag 119
Accessory Bag 89
Paddle (Carbon, 3 sections) 149

Boards will arrive in Europe in June 2018 (June deliveries already sold-out)
Order now to secure a board with delivery within July 2018
Contact us for special conditions reserved for Sailing Clubs ordering at least 2 boards.
For info send an email to with request and shipping address
WSE Warranty

New Windsurfer Lt Technical Specifications
Lenght 365,9
Width 73,9
Thickness 13,8
Weight 15 kg
Volume 229 Lt